Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lupron, Walmart and my favorite littles

So I have been meaning to update on the beloved shot class and the weird flesh like pillow I used to train myself. Honestly that thing made me so nauz. It was like squeezing one of those stress balls but it was made to look like a mound of skin. Sorry it makes me just as sick reliving it now.

Anyway, I didn't realize the extent of all the different shots, like the mixing and the different syringes, and the bubbling factor. I have never been one to like hospitals probably because other then seeing my nephew born I haven't had great personal experiences in them. We spent about an hour going over the schedule yet again and by the 4th mention of an appointment I asked for a calendar. I think I have most of it down pat now. My baseline visit with US, BW and trial pass is on 8/14. From there I decrease my dose of Lupron from 10 amps to 5 and begin the Gonadotropins the same day. Then my schedule gets as busy as my freshman nights in college, that was totally meant to be a joke :)

So I have changed my mind, my hubby is the official shot giver here on out. I haven't had too many of the lovely Lupron side effects yet, but I feel them coming on. I definitely feel my patience level has dropped tremendously. I don't advise going to Walmart either when you are on Lupron. I am pretty sure I growled at the woman who was taking too long in the self-checkout.

Today is my beautiful niece Riley's Birthday. She is 4 going on 18. She makes me laugh and is full of life. My hubby and I will be heading down to my hometown this weekend to celebrate. My adorable nephew Robbie turns 6 on the 21st. They are just wonderful, caring, gorgeous kids. I know everyone says that but really they are topnotch. They make us want children, even more.


  1. I did my own injections of menopure while my husband squeezed my skin for the injection. I know how it can be confusing mixing all of those vials and such. I had them show me at the clinic for my first one and I video recorded it! LOL. We had our fresh transfer (we live in AZ and travel to NY for Mini-IVF at New Hope Fertility Clinic - I've been blogging the details the past couple of weeks). We miscarried this week, but it's OK, we have a plan. We still have 3 frozen embryos ready to go. Looking forward our next chance.


    PS growling at a woman at Walmart. Hilarious.

  2. Kristen

    I adore your blog and I think you have convinced me to try juicing through some of these IVF drugs. I feel like a walking pharmacy, the bloat, headaches and overall feeling of UGH is too much. Do you have a specific routine you can share or are they in your book? I recently bought the Complete Guide to An Organic Pregnancy and while I am not quite there yet I have found some great advice for diet. Can I get your book through your website?

    I will be thinking of you over the next few weeks into your next cycle. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel blessed to have all this support out there. Makes it very comforting.

    On a side note I did my own shot again last night and it wasnt so bad. Right now its the headaches and my patience that are getting to me. Going to try Acupuncture next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. PS. I love that you videotaped the shot session. That is genius!! I wish I had done that, instead I went nuts taking notes, none of which are remotely legible :)

  4. you've been nominated, details in my blog