Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Countdown to 2nd Trimester is on!

I feel like my last few posts have been riddled with complaints, so it is only normal to start this post off doing just that. I feel like crap. I am a walking zombie. I eat way to much bread. I can't seem to get enough sleep. BUT! I am almost into the second trimester and I couldn't be happier about that. So I am sucking it up and pushing on with my pops, ginger ale and loaf of bread.

We met with our HR OB group on Monday and were very pleased. My doc and group are pretty direct, don't sugar coat and will tell you how it really is. The head doc answered all 35+ questions I had, none of which she made me feel were outlandish. We covered everything from birth options to H1N1 and everything in between. I am really looking forward to being under their care. I was even given a mask in the event I sit next to a germ thrower on the plane. Now if only they could tell me which organic bedding is the best and what I am having so I can get on decorating!

We had another ultrasound and everything looks wonderful. Every time we have to wait for the next U/S seems like an eternity. I am so relieved to see that things are progressing as should be. I have to travel for work next week so I won't have the NT scan until November 10th. Hopefully by then the nauz and tiredness will be replaced with a feeling of rebirth, ha. Maybe I will even grow back the few million brain cells I have lost.

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary last Sunday as well. We went back to our ceremony and reception site, took pics and reminisced. It still seems like yesterday and so much has happened in a year. We are truly blessed. After dinner we ate what was remaining of our cake and talked for the thousandth time about baby names. I am so excited!

October 18, 2008

October 18, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I did a very very bad thing!!!

I just couldn't hold off any longer. The baby made me do it. I ate the cake. Not all the cake but a lot of the cake. I was supposed to wait until this weekend to ring in my one year anniversary but I caved. It was just screaming, "EAT ME". So I did. Now I know some of you are going to tell me I am going to get divorced or lose a finger or have bad luck for 12 years but I don't care! It was delicious and wonderful and I felt so much better after I ate it.

I was hesitant after freezing it for a year but once it thawed out it tasted as delicious as our wedding day. See my husband actually picked the cake, designed the cake, described what he wanted in it and it was his masterpiece. I never have been a huge sweets person. I have had a change of taste and I would of ate the whole top, a big top mind you.That whole top in the picture for crying out loud. However this little subconscious voice told me my husband is going to kill me if I don't put down the fork. So the once beautiful wedding cake top is now a mutilated mess in my fridge. A still edible mutilated mess though.

I could not of cared less about the cake back then but I sure am glad my husband's taste buds were dead on. I mean what could be better than a Vanilla Chiffon cake layered with maple cream and apples and pears when you are preggers. Delish!! I want more right now. One piece of advice to a future bride, go organic on the cake, it pays to have it taste the same as it did a year ago even if I do end up in marriage counseling.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Graduating with Honors and Nausea

I have had all intentions of posting over the last 8 days but my morning sickness has progressed to all day sickness and believe it or not typing of all things gives me the spins. I usually update first thing in the morning, like at 6am since sleep is not something I know very well these days. However it looks like before bed is what may work for now.

I totally jinxed myself. I felt blessed to have little nausea and vomiting at 8 weeks and then poof a big dark cloud of throw up landed on me and I have been sick sick sick ever since. I swear I have vertigo, even driving makes me queasy and I am dumb. I mean really dumb. Word retrieval problems, remembering issues. I can hardly speak English. I have decided that I may just bring it back to kindergarten and just point when trying to reference something.

Work has been tough as well. I travel a lot and I have been spending equal time in rest areas as I have in doc offices doing calls. There is an advantage here though. I work in OB sales and nurses and docs have a hidden radar, they just know when you are pregnant. I mean a doc even gave me his chair in his office, maybe because I was semi-kermit like but I will take it!. Anyway it has been rough and I have been trying really hard not to complain but I just hope and pray it is over soon. I feel like a zombie and Halloween is still three weeks away. I think.

So on a brighter note, I graduated from the IVF group. I had my last U/S with them last Wednesday. It was a bittersweet goodbye and I cried when thanking my two wonderful RE's. I just can't say enough about the care and expertise they showed. They are miracle workers and I love them. I don't ever want to see them again, but I love them nonetheless.

All looks great in the womb and heartbeat is around 150-155. Soon I will scan in the images. My husband and I meet with our HR OB group next Monday and I am super excited. I personally know two of the docs in the group through work and feel lucky to be under the care of one of the Associate Professors of OB at the University. We will actually be meeting with all 4 docs that evening and will be discussing my care going forward. I am hopeful another U/S is planned but it may be put off a week or two before some of the 1st trimester screens are done.

Last weekend we planned to head to Bar Harbor, ME but the 6 hours in the car definitely turned me off once I started feeling so sick. Instead we spent the weekend in Quechee and Woodstock, VT . We had a blast. I was able to hit up my favorite bath and soap store, Thistle and have breakfast at the to die for diner Lou's in Hanover, NH. Definitely worth the wait. We also started some Christmas shopping and hit up the local antique fairs. All in all a great weekend. This coming weekend is our 1st anniversary. I already took the cake top out of the freezer and put it in the fridge with the hopes of it defrosting by Sunday. I also put my keys in the fridge yesterday as well. I already want a piece so bad; of the cake not the metal.

Me and my first baby, Kalib, hiking in Woodstock, VT

Friday, October 2, 2009

If I only had a brain......

So I am officially losing my mind. While I have been told baby brain is a common symptom of pregnancy I wasn't really prepared for the all out forgetfulness and the full on inability to complete a normal sentence. It all started off pretty harmless, calling people the wrong names, forgetting what I was about to do, calling people the wrong names.

However I brought it to a whole new level on Monday. I was driving to Bedford, NH from Western Mass for a conference. I noticed I was pretty low on gas and I really needed to stop for a fill up. I pulled into a rest area and chose a gas lane that just so happened to have a broken credit card reader. The weird woman of OZ shouted over the speaker to come in and pay first. After I paid and got back in my car, I decided to drive away. I forgot to pump the gas!! Now I am back on the Mass Turnpike about to run out of fuel and I can't exactly pull a u-turn. I had to drive 12 miles to the next exit and turn completely around. A half hour later I was back where I started. Needless to say I had an even harder time explaining to the now new gas clerk what the heck I had just done. I wasn't sure if I should laugh, cry or scream. I did all three.

Since then I have limited my conversations and social interactions. It is only safe. I am just kidding, but really these new symptoms have come out of nowhere. I am definitely feeling the nausea throughout the entire day, but I can't complain. It isn't like I invented that symptom. My husband thinks I am getting a little belly as well. I have to agree. I am pretty petite to begin with at 5'4 so I am not surprised that things are already growing outward a bit.

Next week we have the 8 week ultrasound and a potential graduation from the RE. We are also meeting with one of the Midwives from the OB/GYN office. I have so many questions and concerns that I typed out two pages to remember what to ask. As soon as I can remind myself to update the blog I will be back:)