Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing like the good ole stomach flu

I totally jinxed myself about having a story book last couple of weeks. As soon as my sister, niece, nephews and friends left last weekend, I began a nasty bout of the stomach flu. By Sunday morning I still couldn't keep anything down. We decided in the early afternoon it was better to be safe than sorry and headed to the Labor and Delivery. Turns out I was severely dehydrated, contracting quite a bit and a tad dilated at .5 cm. I had yet another fFN, thankfully negative, was pumped full of fluids and monitored for several hours. It is a really scary experience when you feel that awful and have no idea how it is affecting your babies. Luckily they are just fine, but my body has taken quite the hit.

I had my normal follow up appointment yesterday and am measuring in at 31 weeks. So about 3 weeks ahead of a singleton. I feel huge so that makes sense. In two weeks I have our next growth scan and am very anxious to see how much bigger the boys are getting. Of course they have decided to move yet again and are now both in an "awkward transverse breech position" as so qouted by the ultrasonographer. Hopefully they will do yet another 360 before their arrival, but they are pretty cramped in there and running out of room. My stomach gets all contorted and alienesque when they move. It is quite the sight. Crazy to think that they could be here as early as the next 7 weeks!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

26 Weeks

Today I am 26 weeks. 6.5 months, WOW!! It really is going by fast. According to Baby Center my two dudes are the size of English hothouse cucumbers. Um yeah, I had no idea what those were either, but just picture a cucumber about 14 inches long. I don't really like referring to my children as fruits or vegetables but I am glad that they are progressing onto bigger produce comparability.

I had another growth scan on Monday. The Princes are 2 lbs each and very active. Both babes are no longer transverse. Baby B is now head down and closest to my cervix, while Baby A is breech.

The Braxton Hicks contractions have been pretty intense at night so I was given an fFN test. Again the test was negative and my cervix is still long and closed. Definitely different being on the other side of what I sell for a living. The reassurance is so uplifting!

Looking forward to a nice long weekend. Nesting is in full effect!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Soon To Be my Third Arm

No! that is not me with two strangers children, but yes I did just buy this. After being convinced by three friends with twins and several positive reviews I went ahead and bought the "EZ-2-Nurse Twins Pillow". It is like an oversized boppy, but more square with a back support and two spots for the babes.  

At first I was scared, actually I was petrified. The idea of tandem breast feeding makes my boobs hurt already. I have no expectactions other than I really want to try to breast feed both of my boys. It is important to me, but I am also realistic that it may be beyond difficult at times. I hope to follow the advice of fellow bloggers and friends that have gotten their twins on the same eating schedule, yes it is possible they say.

Perhaps if I can master the art, I can be hands free, do an infomercial and feed my two dudes all at once, just like this lady below. Hey if it makes one of the hardest things, but one of the most important things easier, I am all for it!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our two dudes in 3D

I can't believe it has been almost three weeks since my last post. I have surpassed the 24 week milestone for viability. I feel a sense of relief. There is something to be said when your physician tells you your children’s chance of survival increases exponentially from here on out.

Looks like if I make it to 38 weeks I will be induced. I am hopeful of a natural birth but have a second and third birth plan in place, just in case our two princes decide that head down is not their idea of a way out. Scary to some, but I am not one for scheduled caesareans unless for good reason.

I have the monthly growth scan next Monday and am really anxious to see how big they are getting. I feel pretty good; my energy comes in crazy bursts. For instance after dinner on Sunday I decided to mop the floors until 12:30am. Then on Monday I cried all day. The heartburn still keeps me up at night but I have resorted to Pepcid AC. I am also not as ravenous as I have been in the past, in fact a few times I have had to remind myself to eat something. I say that and then tomorrow I will be a bottomless pit.

The nursery is coming along awesome, carpet removed and bead board up, now onto painting and wood flooring. I am heading to my hometown for the weekend with the hope that my amazing husband finishes quite a bit before my return.

On a side note I wish someone would put together a Twins for Dummies manual. It amazes me how little people know about a twin pregnancy. There is a whole different set of rules, please don't pretend you even know what you are talking about. Sorry, my first vent in all my blogging, but maybe I will draft up a brochure to have on hand when the questions/comments are being vomited all over me. I have no time to explain people. Oh and I am tired.

We were able to see our two dudes on 3D ultrasound and while emotional and beautiful it was also kind of sci-fi. Nothing like seeing your unborn children's faces. The U/S tech had some extra time to kill and just started to play around with the 3D/4D scanner. I guess 26-28 weeks is a better time to view them since they are likely to be a bit chubbier. I swear they have my husband’s nice full lips and well my family’s nice big head.

Here are some pics of our snuggly bugs. The eye socket thing creeps me out but I did see their eyes in the 4D video. The still portion of 3D adds to the alien effect, just a heads up for those anxious to get some pictures.


I love the one of Baby B curled up, knee to chin. Baby A was camera shy that day :)

I already love these little guys so much!