Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No more shots!!!

We made it through the last shot!. At 11:15pm last night I very happily jabbed the HCG trigger into my thigh. My hubby and I actually high fived and then made out. I know sorry to much information, but we were just so relieved to have it over with.

I just can't wait until tomorrow. I feel pretty awful today and the lack of sleep is really catching up with me. The gremlins that are twisting my ovaries are really uncomfortable and I just can't kick the never ending headache. I was given some lovely suppositories for the nausea. However, I would like to have at least one day where I don't put something into an orifice. I may not be able to hold out, we will see.

I read up on people being really sore from the injections but up until the last 2 days I was alright. Now it actually hurts to sit. As I am typing I have two ice packs in my underwear. There is nothing glamorous about this process.

We had some of my hubby's family over for dinner last night and it was nice to get my mind off stuff. I cut my hair 7 inches yesterday and no one really mentioned anything. That usually translates into people didn't notice or didn't like it. Either way I feel a little liberated. I have tons of hair and the meds were making it really dry. In fact my hair always resembled Sebastian Bach's in high school, just to give you an idea of how long and thick it is/was. (SB is the lead singer of Skid Row for those who forgot :)

I was so close to doing Locks for Love but I couldn't bare the Kate Gosselin hair-do if I went for it. It has to be 10 inches and I just couldn't do it. I am not a mom yet!

I have my last Acupuncture appointment today before tomorrow's retrieval. I am really hoping it helps with the bloat and anxiety again.

I started juicing today after being convinced from my online blogging buddy Kristen at Of course this is just added into my normal food eating routine. I figured I will try anything to relieve some of the side effects.

On a side note, I got the best four leaf clover in the mail. I was so excited to see that the fourth leaf wasn't glued on. I plan to put it in glass some time today, that is if I can muster the strength to move my fat sore ass


  1. Good luck! Fingers and toes are crossed for you guys!

  2. Good luck with retrieval! I hope they get lots of mature eggs!

  3. I'm sending you tons of love and positive energy for your retrieval! YAY!!!

    Congratulations on:
    Being done with your shots
    Adding Green Juice to your life
    Cutting your hair

    Hope your ass feels better soon ;)


  4. it's alright to be nervous about ER. i was such a wreck the first time that as they opened the doors to the OR i actually started sobbing from the anxiety. i promise, though, you will make it through, and we will all be here waiting to hear about it =) best of luck!!

  5. Send you thoughts and prayers for your retrieval. Can't wait to hear the fertilization report! I hope that four leaf clover brings you TONS of luck!


  6. I am thinking of you and hoping & praying for a great outcome ! sending you some positive vibes :)


  7. I hope that you don't need the ice packs for too long, and that all the shots and pain result in a happy ending for you.

    My mom made a comment a couple of years ago about the fact that I haven't cut my hair short even tho I'm now in my mid 30s... I'm going to keep it long-ish for as long as I can handle it.


  8. We have just started on this journey and I so appreciate being able to read your story. Thanks for sharing!

  9. good you have to do Progesterone shots after the transfer...ewe...