Friday, November 27, 2009

Fat and Happy :) 15 Weeks

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I began my 15th week on Thursday and what a better way to celebrate then to eat for three! My family knows me all to well and my cousin bought me a mocktini book for making virgin drinks! She even got me alcohol free champagne. Honestly this book is great. Not only does it help you pretend to fit in while everyone else gets drunk, but it has recipes for great juice concoctions for nausea and stomach upset. I love it, thanks Hallie!

My husband and I were supposed to bear the wrath of Black Friday but my raging hormones and severe lack of patience has me scanning the internet for deals instead. Let me tell you there are deals to be had! The cribs and changers I have had my eye on at are almost 40% off with all the coupons. The cribs are convertible so they can be transformed into toddler and twin beds as the babes get older. Drop cribs have always reminded me of a guillotine. I saw the same Davinci crib at a retail store in Burlington VT for $500! We paid less than that for two. Can't wait to lie on the couch and watch my husband put them all together :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Making a list and checking it one thousand zillion times.......

I have had a hard time keeping up with the blogging lately. Most of the nauz has dissipated but the tiredness is still pretty bad. I am a few days shy of my 15th week and getting more and more Santa Claus like every day.

I have spent way too much time researching strollers and car seats. We have decided that the Bumbleride Indie Twin is the way to go. A friend just had twins and I was so excited when I saw a pic of him pushing his twins in the same stroller I have been salivating over. He swears by this mack daddy. I don't think I need to read another review, we are sold.

I have also compiled a list of my favorite websites for baby gear, cribs, clothes, bedding, deals and steals.

Great deals on all sorts of baby stuff
You can essentially design a virtual nursery. Also have crib skirts, bedding, bumpers and tons of great fabrics and colors.
for the eco-conscious shopper
I have to thank my mommy friend Kelly for turning me onto this site. Every day they have a deal on great baby products. Think Aden and Anais baby blankets for half price. Have to get on it early as items sell out super fast.

These are just a few of my favorite sites. I am yet to really buy anything though. I am just making lots of lists. We have picked out the wood flooring for the nursery. I have a promise from my Hubby that construction will begin right after the New Year.

Next week we have another US and MFM appt. I can't wait to get another clean bill of health for the babes. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Turkey Day. I can't wait to see all 20+ of my rellies. Tday is always full of laughs and often tears:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been holding out until the NT scan to share the exciting news that we are expecting TWINS! We could not be happier or more excited. Both babes are growing wonderfully and are exactly the same size. The scan shows a very low risk for chromosomal abnormalities. Things are progressing just as they should be. Hopefully we will know the sexes at our next U/S as well.

I am still suffering from extreme nausea and finally cried uncle to my docs, nothing else was working. I am now taking Zofran in order to make it through the morning, afternoon and night. Hopefully it will pass soon. With double the hormones comes double the trouble of being sick. My body is changing daily and even though my waist is gone and I resemble Sponge Bob Squarepants, I am so happy that our babes are doing well!
Here is our latest scan. Looks like sibling rivarly has already begun, one munchkin is kicking the other :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My H1N1 shot

Like most pregnant women I was extremely hesitant to get the H1N1 shot. I don't care how much literature and studies are out there about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Bottom line there are no completed studies on the perinatal outcomes of H1N1 vaccinated women. However studies do show that pregnant women who get vaccinated for the normal flu strain have less likelihood of getting the flu and ultimately so will their unborn child. It makes sense to go with the majority on statistics. So while I had my reservations I did extensive research and asked lots of questions. Ultimately I feel confident in my decision.

Like the flu shot, I wanted to make sure I was getting a thimerosal, preservative and mercury free dose of the H1N1. While the levels of such substances are low you never can be safe enough. I called my OB ahead of time to make sure they had some of the single dose preservative free vaccines. I was told I would just have to ask for it once I arrived. If only it was that easy. Apparently, well at least in VT, there is a shortage of the preservative free doses. While I was told on the phone there was plenty in stock it sure didn't appear that way when I asked. The nurse, whom I don't routinely see, told me they were holding those doses for women at a high risk or those who were allergic to the other doses. Hello!! Read my chart! I am high risk and um yeah, how do I know my unborn child isn't allergic? Aren't pregnant women and children deemed those most at risk for H1N1 to begin with thus identifying them as high risk? yeah nice try. Despite her efforts in telling me someone misinformed me, I stuck to my guns and very nicely said "either you give me the preservative free version or I will find someone who will." I also told her to go find my doctor for clearance, 5 minutes later I was given what I wanted with a sore arm to boot.

I wanted to tell this story because I get the impression, that while they may be low on these doses, they aren't expecting pregnant women to ask for them and frankly they don't want you too. Money, mass production and productivity all come into play instead. Be sure to educate yourself and be adamant about what you want. If I have learned one thing so far from being pregnant it is to listen to instincts, your body and remember you are the voice for your unborn child.

It all worked out in the end but it left me wondering how many other women who have no idea of this potentially safer version of the H1N1 vaccine are out there. Push for it or go somewhere else. Anyone have a similar story? for or against the vaccine? I don't need horror stories but am interested in others experience or opinion.