Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will and Finn's first birthday

Just about this time last year I was sitting in a beautiful labor and delivery room staring out the window watching a blizzard. I was large and in charge, nervous and excited and also wondering why I moved to VT when it was snowing in April!! Our lives were about to change for the better. William Dillon Thomas arrived first at 12:58pm weighing in at 5lbs8oz, Finnegan Bennett Thomas entered the world 2 minutes later at 1:01 pm weighing in at 5lbs1oz, both boys were 20 inches long.

Today Finn weighs 23lbs9oz and is 31.5 inches long. Will is 20lbs12oz and 30.5 inches long. My what a change a year brings!. Both boys bring us continual joy and we can honestly say this year has been the best year yet. We are learning more and more as parents everyday and it may be the hardest job at times but definitely the most rewarding!

Will is taking a few steps and Finn is getting close. Will has a very sweet and smiley demeanor and loves attention, sonar screeching, books, fruit and climbing up on everything! Finn loves blondes (duh) playing peek-a-boo, giving kisses similar to head butts and loves to tackle his brother. It is hard to believe Finn was the tiny one a year ago and Will is now the lean machine.

I was a BADBADBAD blogger the last year. I could blame it on time or the twins or just plan laziness but I am determined to get back on the blogwagon going forward. I am going to start a new blog, one that focuses on the boys and life with twins. I hope we can continue to all follow each other. Without the support of each and everyone of you the journey would not of been complete.

Below is a link of Will and Finn's Birthday shoot. Enjoy! Once I get it together I will update with my new blog address. Cheers to more babies!!
Will and Finn's first birthday