Monday, August 10, 2009

I officially have whiskers!

About 3 years ago my sister and I realized that if you tweeze your eyebrows and then have a wild night of drinking you would wake up with regrowth like you wouldn't believe. I know that was a major run on sentence. Anyway there is a purpose to this story. Today and the last few days I have woken up with regrowth., wait drum roll... I wasn't drinking the night before. It is the LUPRON! I am officially growing a beard. Okay a bit dramatized, but my niece Riley did notice some hairs on my moles and I had plucked them the day before! I try to make light of this situation because it keeps me semi-sane but this just isn't cool anymore. I figure the combo of prenatal vitamins, the lupron and the BCP's are tricking my body into thinking I am an adolescent 13 year old boy and it blows. I thought I was doing okay with the injections, but I am in a full blown peri-menopausal state and it isn't going very well.

Now onto the sweats. I have been dealing with the on and off again chills and flushes but last night brought it to a whole new level. My husband woke me up at 5 am to politely tell me I wet the bed. Of course that is not what happened. I sweat through the sheets and my nightgown! I was drenched and of course with in minutes balling my eyes out. I couldn't fall back to sleep so my day was destined to suck. Then the massive make me vom headache started and by 9 am I had already thrown up twice! I really don't mean to complain. I know this will hopefully all be worth it in the end.

I just really feel out of sorts today. I mean I literally cried my eyes out over a email forwarded by my BFF. I could of won an Oscar for the dramatics. Lucky for me I love my job and once I got myself out of the house I was able to put my beard, slimy sweaty body and emotional basket face behind me. That was until I had an encounter at the Post Office.

Today is my last day of BCP's and I am counting the hours and minutes until my Friday appointment. At least my weekend was wonderful. Here is a pic of me and my nephew Brody at the birthday party. He didn't notice my whiskers :)


  1. awwwww.... nothing wrong with having days like that. :)

  2. LOL-love this post! Sorry about the whiskars. I have mine waxed ;) Hope all goes well tomorrow!