Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF!! What a week!

So I finally have some down time! Why is it that the week following a long weekend is the longest week ever?? I traveled for the majority of the week in UPS New York. I ended up losing one of my contacts and well I really really can't see with one in and one missing. Of course my glasses don't have my latest prescription so yes you are hearing me correctly I bought an eye patch. No it wasn't black it was um flesh colored. I had no choice I was going to hit something, someone or hurt myself if I kept both eyes open. It was making me cross eyed! So basically I did an inservice for an audience of 10 docs and a few nurses with an eye patch on. Surprisingly they didn't seem to notice or care, perhaps they were scared. Overall it was a good call, maybe I will keep it! .

On the IVF front I got a call from the "Insurance Coordinator" at the hospital where I will be having my procedure. She might as well been speaking a foreign language ,but luckily I had done my homework and had an inkling of an idea of what she was talking about. Unbeknownst to me I guess there are actual "Fertility" Pharmacies?? I figured I would be able to get the majority of the meds from my local Osco. Um well apparently not, perhaps it is different in each state. I was told about three that exist and that I could contact them or they would be contacting me. So my question is where do I begin? Does anyone recommend a specific pharmacy? I have heard good things about Freedom Fertility but then again I guess it really does depend on your insurance coverage.

On a side note I put the call into the Psychiatrist for the eval and well she hasn't responded yet. I am trying not to get annoyed but I need to be deemed stable and sane before we can go any further and she hasn't returned my call! I guess I will give it to Monday. I just know she books out a few weeks and I really want to get going on things asap. If my calendar serves me correctly then I will be beginning my BCP's on Sunday. Unless of course a miracle happens.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. My husband and I are having a clambake at our house and anticipating about 50 guests. I am so excited to be surrounded by my family and friends, I never feel like I get to see them enough! Cheers!


  1. Hey there - No worries about the eye patch - crazier things have happened! Feeling dizzy or off balance is the worst feeling ever. I hope that helped!

    How was the Clambake? Hope you had a great time. Good luck getting the Psychiatrist on the phone!

  2. Thanks Louise,
    I actually got a call for our psych eval on Monday morning and they got us in first thing Tuesday!
    Clambake was great, despite the rain it was a blast. How are things with you?

  3. I'm probably a little late on the advice, but we used IVP Care which I think is affiliated with Walgreens?? I've seen a lot of people post their med totals online, and I feel like we paid a lot less. Our total was only $2300. Then again, I'm also on the lowest dose of everything so I didn't need as much. Good luck with everything, and thanks for your comment!