Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally.... oh and those prenatal vitamins are making me wicked nauseous

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief after hearing from the IVF nurse. I don't know why I got myself all worked up over the blood work, but I most certainly did. I had most of the tests done before I got married so I was 100% sure none of that changed. I was worried about the FSH levels. Since I had been suppressing my ovulation with BCP's for several years due to endo, I convinced myself that I shocked my body into a peri-menopausal state and the biweekly bleeding was more "the change of life" then a legit cycle. Anyway my levels came back in the range they like to see for an IVF candidate, so I am happy to hear that.

I am getting pushed back a bit on the beginning of the Lupron shots. I guess my history deems a MFM consult before they want to go ahead. Not that it throws me off for the retrieval or transfer days in late August so that is a relief.

So I got confirmation that the prenatal vitamins can have side effects and I am pretty sure I have them all. I never have been one to get nauseous off of vitamins or really any px drug so I was surprised that they make me feel like I am going to vom. I was taking them with food but it really stays with me into the late morning. I started taking them at night now and they still screw with my stomach but not so bad, but my dreams are insane. Anyway I guess I can relax the next few days and await my much anticipated drug package in the mail.


  1. What are you eating w/ the vits? The only thing that helped me keep them down was oatmeal - a few bites before & a whole bowl after. Everything else I tried landed me at the base of the porcelain goddess. Also, there are others out there, so if you're getting sick now (before morning sickness) you may want to try a switch.
    Just an FYI: if you plan on boobie-feeding, get ready to take those vits for a loooooooooooooooong time!
    Take care & 1,001 positive vibes floating your way :)

  2. Thanks Izzy! I usually have pita toast and juice. Maybe I will try oatmeal as well.I think I need to eat more after I take them. Honestly I had no idea they could make you feel so yucky. I am definitely going for the BF approach and I hope by then I have grown some sort of immunity ,but it sounds like that doesn't usually happen. A gf is trying to turn me onto these organic prenatal pills she takes that she said totally kicked out the nauz, but I got the ones I take now from my doc so I will ask if I can switch. I have no idea what are in the PX ones I take. All I know is they aren't belly friendly. Thanks for the thoughts! How is your little munchkin? She is so adorable :) I didnt know you had a blog, its awesome! she is so precious. Those videos of her are unbelievable! love the one in the kitchen, stop drop and roll and she still laughs!

  3. Take care - hope everything goes well. Make sure you have crackers with them or something. For some reason, I've had such a hard time finding a prenate that I really like. Most make my stomach feel gross. I've skipped from brand to brand and still haven't found I like. I even tried Flinstone's...sad, huh? One other tip my RE suggested - taking them at night right as you're going to bed. It helps a little :-D

  4. My mom could never take prenatals. Try some flinstones? And they are yummy too! :)