Thursday, July 2, 2009

Different road, same destination

The journey has begun, or at least the decision has been made. We have taken the advice from our RE and have chosen to move forward with IVF!!

For the last 12 years of my life I have suffered from ovarian cysts, endometriosis, four surgeries and one ectopic pregnancy. In no way am I looking for a petri pity party. I feel lucky to have the option. I know there are many of "us" out there. I wanted to more or less address the stigma of IVF and share my story as we begin the process.

I have had plenty of time to prepare myself for the one phrase most women never want to hear, "you may have fertility issues". Maybe it will never be explained, maybe I am destined to be a poster child for IVF, maybe I am just not "naturally" lucky, but I am excited and I am ready for the challenge, the stress, and most of all the very real possibility of becoming a mother.

One thing we always knew we both wanted was to become parents. I mean we have had names picked out for years!

The next step is another meeting with the Reproductive Endocrinology group on 7/13 to address the map of meds, shots and many emotional freak outs! Then onto the psych eval. I mean if Octomom passed then I am sure we will be fine!!

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  1. Love the humor during a trying time. best of luck to you and your hubby. I will keep you in our prayers