Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let The Games Begin

What a wonderful last weekend for a prelude into an IVF cycle. I saw some of my oldest friends from prep school and my hometown, so if this is my last hurrah for a while it was well worth it.

Well as expected nature took its course and I just began BCP's on the 3rd day of my cycle (Tuesday). Like clockwork every two weeks, not fun. We had our psych eval, painless actually, nothing I was remotely surprised by. I had my extensive blood work done as well on the first day of BCP's and yeah I am not so into the whole "my blood" thing. I had no idea that they tested you for that many things. I mean HIV, ABO, RH, CMV Antibody, FSH, Hep B, Human T-Cell Lympho Virus, Rubella, Syphilis, Hep C. I guess most of these tests are the norm, but wow that was a lot of vials! Of course my husband put his blood work off until today and yes I had my first real freakout on him. I count this six weeks by the hour and minute, well almost.

I started a binder with all my notes, co-pays and visits and I think I am beginning to treat this like my wedding planning, except it is not so Marthaesque. So I am waiting for the next course of action into the BCP's. I am only 3 days in and I am already anxious to get all the meds, dates and appts scheduled. I also did the forbidden, yep I did, the estimated birth date thing. I was told not to do that and well I beat the shrink to it. I don't think I should share this, but if my math and gods will work in my favor, I would be due right on or right before my bday, May 19th. Of course assuming there is no break or change in the next six weeks. Anybody that knows me well knows I am extremely impatient and like a quick ROI (return on investment) with anything I put time into. If that doesn't mess with your head I don't know what does. Yes, I know I am jumping the gun. I know that the IVF clinic I am with has a 45-50% rate, but I felt that strong need for that calculator.

I also feel like I am in a bidding war with fertility pharmacies, half of the pills and drugs I can't even pronounce. I am having nightmares over co-pays, deductibles and free delivery. At least tomorrow is Friday and my best girlfriend from high school is flying in from SLC. I will feel better soon :)


  1. Has anyone checked out the website Has a lot of great information! check it out

  2. Do you know when you start the stims?

    Oh, and, yeah, I've done the due date estimator thing too. This time and last ;)


  3. Thanks for the comment! I wish you the best of luck on your first cycle! I don't know if you saw, but I documented my Fertility journey on another blog... Just wanted to share if you wanted to look and see what all I did. I'll check back and keep my fingers crossed for you!!!