Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall in Vermont

There is no better time in Vermont than the Fall. In fact it is my favorite season in all of New England. The crisp morning air, pumpkins, corn husks, hay bales and the smell of leaves. I just love it. The leaves are just starting to change color and all the decorations of summer are being replaced with fall design.

This past weekend we enjoyed a wedding in Stowe and a visit from my parents. We hit the British Invasion car show, which was really cool the first 10 minutes but there is only so many cars I can see before I want to steal one and get out of there. We walked around cute, quaint downtown Stowe, had lunch at the Green Mountain Inn and also dined at Topnotch's restaurant Norma's. For those that have never traveled to Stowe, Topnotch is by far one of the best spas I have ever been, hands down fab.

The wedding was held at Stowe Mountain and was also a blast. I must admit it was the first wedding I can remember where I didn't drink. Not to mention the first time in a few weeks where I have been around a lot of drunk people. Not that I am a total booze bag, but weddings and cocktails go hand and hand. I must say with a sober mind and body I was able to appreciate a lot more of the wedding decor, venue and music. All in all I had a great time, such a fun group of guests. My husband sure ripped up the dance floor like I have never seen him before. I have video to prove it. However we are coming up on our one year anniversary and I would like to stay married, so I won't be posting it.

Sunday was another fantastic day where we hit the Stowe Farmer's Market and Cold Hollow Cider Mill. One of the best things about Vermont is all the Farmer's Markets. Lots of VT towns have them and they are full of local handmade crafts, organic produce and often even live music. The Cider Mill is also a really neat place. The donuts are to die for. I just love dipping them in hot cider. In fact at our wedding we had hot cider from Cold Hollow to keep people warm before the ceremony. I have been a fan ever since. All in all a great fall weekend in VT and a great way to keep my mind busy while awaiting my first ultrasound.

I have to head to Western Mass tomorrow and luckily was able to switch my 6 week U/S from Friday to tomorrow! I am excited but also very nervous. It is still so early that it is hard to think more than a day at a time. The waiting is the worst part. Once I can officially see what is going on in there I hope to breathe a sigh of relief, that is until I have another Ultrasound. I still dont really have any symptoms other than my boobs are killing me and I tire easily. I have been having some cramps as well but I hope those are just growing pains :) All in all I feel pretty good. I have my post op appointment for my gallbladder surgery today and other than my stomach looking like a junkies road map I feel back to my old self. I hope I am not jinxing myself for what may come.


  1. I am so incredibly jealous after reading your post. Growing up, I went to Stowe often and love the quaint downtown. That's one of the things I love about New England - beautiful, quaint downtowns with beautiful, simple churches that tower into the sky. I miss apple cider - the real stuff, not the crap sold in grocery stores in the south, and I miss real maple syrup. Sigh...your post makes me want to jump ship and move today!

    Good luck with your appointment! I hope all goes well! Take care.

  2. Good luck gorgeous! I know how nerve-y it can be. Your appointment is going to go GREAT! For sure! :) Can't wait to get the good news!!!

    Loved learning about Fall in Vermont. Sounds amazing.

  3. Haven't seen an update... hope everything is going great. Hugs!