Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home for the holidays :)

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone. I also can't believe that next Christmas we will have two elves of our own to celebrate with. My hubby and I ventured to UPS New York to visit his family and then headed to Massachusetts to spend Christmas with mine. Even though 5 hours in the car is not that much fun I am glad we were able to do both, next year will be a different story.

 Santa was good to us as usual. Lots of baby things and gift certificates. I got some adorable outfits from my sister and I cried when I opened them. I am trying to push myself to finish off registering. People have told me it is a lot of fun and while I would have to agree, I am amazed by the amount of time I have spent reviewing products and reaching out to friends with children for advice. It took me longer to pick out car seats then it did a new car. I guess the nesting feeling has already set in! I now have a subscription to Consumer Reports and love the website, they give great reviews on products from parents.

Our level 2 scan was very reassuring and I feel so relieved to be able to spend the holidays with a clearer head. I will be monitored more closely now with another U/S in 3 weeks and then continued ones every 2 weeks until their birth. I can't believe I am over half way there (by twin standards) My docs are hesitant to give me a revised due date but if our two dudes can hold out until 37 weeks I will be one happy momma. That gets me to mid April.

The weight has picked up so that is a good thing. As hard as I was trying to consume healthy calories I wasn't gaining weight. I went three weeks without gaining a pound. I am happy to say that I have since made up for lost time. The holidays definitely helped. My docs were about to put me on a high fat diet with shakes, um no thanks! The last thing I want is to be put on bed rest popping bon bons. So thank you holiday cookie people and friends with no calorie conscious for making me rounder.

I finally got around to posting a picture of my belly. I am now 19 weeks. I think I have gotten bigger just from last week when this was taken!


  1. I think I'm bigger than you and I'm with a singleton at almost 16 weeks - LOL! I'm posting a baby bump pic Monday but it was taken over a week ago and I'm already bigger! :)

    Hugs and Love,

    PS... which infant car seat did you go with? I know what you mean about taking so long to research them!

  2. I am larger from the front, haha. Being very narrow waisted to begin with I grew in width before I grew outward. I guess my hips needed to do their thing to carry these two little ones.

    Can't wait to see your pic. We decided on the Chicco Keyfit 30 because not only does it get the best Consumer Reports reviews it also works with the stroller and snap and go we want. The Gracco comes in at very close second and I did happen to notice today that has the Graco Snugrides on sale as well as the Chicco's. I tested out the Chicco and liked the weight and ease of use. However these two dudes will likely only be in them for 3-4 months so it adds up quick.

    I am so happy to hear things are going well in your pregnancy! Cheers to a wonderful 2010!!

  3. I know what you mean... I have narrow waist, and I sure filled out in that area - haha. Thank god our boobs grow with pregnancy so we don't look disproportioned.

    I was looking at the Chicco, too. I came across this article when first researching car seats.