Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it Friday yet??

Friday morning I am having the Level 2 u/s, one day after my 18th week. I have been having an extreme amount of anxiety since some abnormal AFP results. Despite the fact that I was reassured with a quick U/S to see heartbeats and moving up my Level 2, I just need to hear and see that everything looks great from head to toe. If we decide to go for a third child we will definitely be opting out of some prenatal tests. With less validity in twins for some of the screens, it seems the unnecessary worry before a more thorough U/S is not worth it to me.

I have been beside myself and I am happy to say that having my very own Buddy the Elf has cheered me up. If only Wednesday was the day before Friday.

So anyway my husband and I are heading to a holiday party on Friday night. I decided last week that I was going to dress him up as an Elf. Why you ask??, well for one we have a pretty funny group of friends and I want to one up everyone this year with an Elf onesie worn by my husband, 2) since I can't indulge in the normal spiked eggnog atmosphere, I figured having something else that can make me laugh is only appropriate.

I can't even begin to tell you how hard I am cracking up right now! He looks so miserable but it fits perfect, I just want to squeeze him. Figured I would share for all those that wish it was already Friday, here is your Happy Hump Day pick me up.


  1. LOL!! Thanks for the Giggle.

  2. Your husband is a VERY good sport!! I hope you have a very uneventful and enjoyable ultrasound in the morning, and enjoy your party with "Buddy the Elf." :)

  3. OMG! That is too funny...his face looks like Ralphie in A Christmas Story when he had to wear the Bunny PJ's! hahaha, I want to borrow that outfit and make my hubby wear it! hahahaha!