Thursday, October 15, 2009

I did a very very bad thing!!!

I just couldn't hold off any longer. The baby made me do it. I ate the cake. Not all the cake but a lot of the cake. I was supposed to wait until this weekend to ring in my one year anniversary but I caved. It was just screaming, "EAT ME". So I did. Now I know some of you are going to tell me I am going to get divorced or lose a finger or have bad luck for 12 years but I don't care! It was delicious and wonderful and I felt so much better after I ate it.

I was hesitant after freezing it for a year but once it thawed out it tasted as delicious as our wedding day. See my husband actually picked the cake, designed the cake, described what he wanted in it and it was his masterpiece. I never have been a huge sweets person. I have had a change of taste and I would of ate the whole top, a big top mind you.That whole top in the picture for crying out loud. However this little subconscious voice told me my husband is going to kill me if I don't put down the fork. So the once beautiful wedding cake top is now a mutilated mess in my fridge. A still edible mutilated mess though.

I could not of cared less about the cake back then but I sure am glad my husband's taste buds were dead on. I mean what could be better than a Vanilla Chiffon cake layered with maple cream and apples and pears when you are preggers. Delish!! I want more right now. One piece of advice to a future bride, go organic on the cake, it pays to have it taste the same as it did a year ago even if I do end up in marriage counseling.

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