Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dilating, Contracting, Cankles Oh my!

Today we began the series of biophysical exams and non-stress tests, both little dudes passed with flying colors. I am about 2cm dilated and 80% effaced at this point. I wish that my doc had a crystal ball that told me how much longer, but reality is that I could stay this way for another 2 weeks. I still have Earth Day as the day in my head though and well so far I have been pretty much on target with things. I am happy to hear that things are progressing though. I am just so uncomfortable that even the simplest tasks are getting difficult, like drying my hair:)

In the last week I was introduced to serious water retention. I have hamburger helper hands and a neck like a linebacker. I feel like a water buffalo with one big mass of boob melting into a belly. Contractions are getting a bit stronger but no pattern. This is my last week of work as I am now on a modified bedrest. This Thursday marks my 35th week. I have cankles galore and even my flip flops don't fit very well. I am having a hard time even typing since my knuckles are like a gorilla's.

I have succumbed to the fact that a C-section is 95% likely. I am trying to swallow my disappointment but I must admit I am totally bummed. Will is still head down but his bro is breech. With Finn being the bigger of the two little Will won't be able to "pave the way" for his brother and it is likely Finn will get stuck. Then I would ultimately end up with a c-section anyway. I just don't like the idea of not being able to hold them right away or have some control. Instead my hands will be strapped down. My mom and sister won't be able to be there either which puts tears in my eyes as I type. I saw my nephews born with my mother and I wanted them there so badly. My husband and I were hopeful that he would be able to place them on my chest and to cut the umblical cords as well. We are just happy that we are so lucky but towards the end you do spend a lot of time wishing you had a tad more rule. I know with twins this birth plan is more likley to happen in a field in Bulgaria then a Level III hospital but I did have my dream. As long as they are healthy and come out kicking I can deal with yet another scar and a longer recovery.

It's Taco Tuesday and my boys are hungry. Until next time. Ciao Sisters


  1. First of all...you look great! Congrats on making it to 35 weeks! That is fantastic! Also, I love your nursery! I am a big fan of wainscoting!

    I attempted a vaginal birth as A was head down and B was breech, and honestly wish I would have gone straight for a C-section. Just wanted to throw it out there! Enjoy your tacos!

  2. i just had my twins 6 weeks ago, we went straight for c/s. i'm glad i did. i also was put to sleep for it. by the time i was feeling awake enough the babies were in my arms. i don't feel as robbed as i would have watching them be born and taken away from me for the next 4 hours. i hope you have a wonderful experience. btw you look great. i was a mess at 35 weeks.

  3. A crystal ball would be awesome, wouldn't it? The waiting and wondering game gets old fast! I'm sorry for your disappointment over the c-section, but just remember that as long as you have two healthy baby boys in the end, that's all that really matters! Take care and enjoy your much deserved upcoming leave!

  4. Good luck to you in your last couple of weeks - you look fantastic! I love your nursery and wondered if you could post where you found the alphabet art work on the wall?

  5. Thanks ladies for the kind words. I do feel blessed so I will roll with the punches on everything else:)

    Kristin, I got the alphabet cards from Land of Nod as well as the frames to put them in. www.landofnod.com

  6. You look so amazing! Hugs and Love!!!

  7. Congrats on your little ones! Just stumbled across your blog. I have triplets that are 4 now. You will have so much fun.